PaddleNSW has been endeavouring to simplify the legal requirements for Clubs when introducing new paddlers to our sport. While doing this, we must remain mindful of the limits of activities permitted by the various levels of membership.

Trialist Membership 

Trialist membership is for introducing new paddlers to a club.

This applies to a new paddler attending a club to ‘come and try’ paddling. It is purely for the new paddler to experience the local waterway, get some introductory assistance from a club member, and remain in the company of that club member for the period of the trial. A qualified guide or instructor is not necessary, but an advantage to assist the newcomer.

The club may impose a fee for this participation, but there is no fee payable to PaddleNSW.

The fully completed application form MUST be retained by the club, and acknowledged on up to two subsequent visits by a signature and date in the space provided. Only up to 3 trial visits are permitted.

There is no participation permitted in any timed or competitive event, and paddlers cannot be provided with number boards, bibs, transponders or the like.

They also cannot participate in an organised activity that has a defined start and finish point.

Download the Trialist Membership form here.


Single Event Membership 

Single Event Membership enables paddlers to participate in any Club or State event.  

This applies to a paddler attending any organised club event, and includes time trials, races, organised trips, etc. It gives the paddler limited insurance cover while they are participating in the event, but not at any other time. There is no limit to participation in any timed or competitive event, however every event requires a new single event membership application.  

There are three ways to obtain Single Event Membership:

  1. Single Event Membership forms are available in soft-copy format to clubs on request. Clubs should retain a copy and send the original to PaddleNSW with the sum payable monthly, so that PaddleNSW can keep paddler details in case of future claims and pay for the insurance component of the application.
  2. Participants can use the online facility by clicking here.
  3. Your single event membership will be included in your registration for PaddleNSW events.

You can update to annual membership at any time simply by paying the difference between the single event membership in the current year and the annual membership.

Make sure you don’t pay too much and get all the benefits of year round membership.

The fee for single event membership is $20 per person per event. This may be upgraded to an annual membership at any time by paying the balance of the annual membership currently $72